Candle Care

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Candle Care

Did you ever wonder how to improve the quality of life for your beloved candles?

Take a few minutes to care for your candles.
By following these simple and rewarding tips you will notice a magical difference. 



Wicked candles owe their creation and development to the ancient Romans. Throughout history, they provided light for indoor spaces and were used in religious and spiritual ceremonies.

Today they are commonly used as a source of decorative light. They fill our rooms with beautiful fragrance and create ambiance. They keep us company while we wine and dine, they celebrate our loved ones or we simply light them to comfort us as we wind down and cool off from our daily life.


Trimming the wick will help maintain its aesthetic so it remains as beautiful as the first time you burnt it.

Wicks, if left uncut, will form a carbon ball on the tip. This is what we call mushrooming and it happens with every type of candle. Trimming the wick will help control the flame so that it can burn delicately and not flicker violently, which will prevent black smoke marks from forming on your glass jars. Doing this will make it easier to clean and to reuse the beautiful jar it came in.

Let's start off by always remembering to trim the wick approx. 4 mm before each use.

Treat your candle like a magical artifact to help set your mood and to relax. Use scissors or an elegant wick trimmer and turn this act into the beginning of your candle ritual. Have you ever wondered why we should trim the wick? Doing so will ensure an even and clean burn, with no additional pieces of wick that could alter the burn, the smell or the wax.


Have you ever had a candle with a tunneling effect? This happens when you lit it and blew it out before it melted until the edge, creating the tunneling effect. This is what we refer to also as memory rings. So remember this happens when you blow your candle out too soon on the first burn.

The first time you light a candle is the most important, therefore let it burn for two to three hours depending on the size of your candle. Usually that is about 1 hour per square inch of its surface and no more than 4 hours at a time or until the entire surface is liquefied. This will create the memory your candle needs to burn properly and ensure you enjoy it to the fullest every time you use it.


Always burn candles in well ventilated areas. Burning too many or using too many scents at any given time could limit the quality of the air.

If you are burning several candles in the same area, place them at least 3 inches (76 mm) apart. Choose an area away from drafts, open air vents or ceiling fans as these air movements could create uneven melting pools in your candle or rapid burning.


Instead of blowing out” your candle try using a snuffer, not only is it a beautiful tool to incorporate in your magical candle routine, but it helps prevent wax from splashing and getting on the surface.

Another alternative is using a wick dipper, by carefully dipping the burning wick in the wax until it's extinguished and then using the same dipper to recenter the wick before it solidifies. This is an easy and smokeless method to extinguish a candle.

    “This method is perfectly fine when it’s one’s birthday.

 And finally, never leave a burning candle unattended, you wouldn't want little hands to get burnt or your best friend's furry tail to catch on fire!
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